Opt Out

Opting Out of the Santa Maria Attorneys Legal Directory


Simply submit a request through our contact page to begin the opt-out process, referencing the profile to be deleted. Our team will evaluate the requester's email domain and company website to ensure the requester's identity matches the profile.


Note: Unofficial email addresses like [lawyer'sname]24@gmail.com will not be accepted. Additional verification will be needed if you cannot supply a business domain email address. 


After our team confirms your identity, we will notify you once the removal from the Santa Maria Attorneys legal directory is complete.


Why is There a Verification Process?


Protecting the Santa Maria Attorneys database from spammers and marketing firms who try to do negative SEO on their competition is the most important reason.



I've Never Heard of Negative SEO. What is it?


Negative SEO (aka. Black Hat SEO) is a technique such as a listing deletion or contact alteration request for the purpose of stealing traffic and lowering the search rank of your competitors.


As your Santa Maria Attorneys profile becomes more visible, your chances of obtaining new clients also increase. An accurate profile can bring in 5-10 inquiries each month, even if it's not claimed.


Knowing there is a finite number of clients available means every new client you secure is one less for your competitors.


A common and direct tactic of Negative SEO is the removal of online marketing channels, thus reducing online traffic. Potential clients who cannot find your law firm online will head to your competitors.


Throughout LOCALSYNC's multiple professional directories, we find opt-out requests tend to come from [lawyer'sname]24@gmail.com-type emails. Unsurprisingly due to the use of these "fake" email addresses, when our team asks for identity verification, over 97% of requestors do not respond.



Do You Have to Claim Your Listing to Update it?


The Santa Maria Attorneys team will remove your legal profile upon request. However, they can complete a one-time information update as well. Different traffic sources can help you reach more potential clients with every professional directory. These directories also provide backlinks that can help you boost your SEO and Google search rankings.


Choose "Upgrade My Profile Information" from our Turn-Key Legal Marketing services to request this update. Then, follow the steps to order your product.


However, prior to any changes, we need to confirm your identity. The Santa Maria Attorneys team will contact the email address provided during payment. Your payment will be canceled and refunded if we are unable to complete the confirmation process.



How Do I Set up My Profile When I Claim it?


You don't have to do anything. Your profile will be set up by the Santa Maria Attorneys team as part of your annual marketing plan.


Select your legal marketing plan from the Turn-Key Legal Marketing services and remit payment. We will take care of everything else or contact you with any questions.